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Visiting address: Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg (Mindpark).
Regular coffee place: Bruket Kaffebar.

An initiative created by citizens, for citizens!

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Frequently asked questions

Here we have gathered the most recurring questions about signing the pledge! 

Is the climate pledge a political or religious initiative?

The Helsingborg Climate Pledge is religiously and politically independent. We are a citizens' initiative that works to make Helsingborg a greener city and achieve its climate goals.

Can I sign if I live in a neighbouring municipality

Yes, that works great! We will not count your agreement when talking to politicians in the municipality, but you will become part of our community. This means that you will receive our newsletters, participate in events, and get involved as a volunteer.

Why is a climate pledge needed in Helsingborg, which is already at the forefront of climate issues?

To create a more sustainable society, the city of Helsingborg has produced a climate and energy plan on behalf of the municipality's politicians. It states, among other things, that: Helsingborg will have net zero emissions of greenhouse gases as early as 2030.

These are ambitious and necessary goals (Sweden has set the goal for 2045) that Helsingborg municipality cannot achieve without us citizens helping and working in the same direction. This is where you come in. We all need to pull our weight by starting to make the necessary changes in our everyday lives.  

In addition, the more of us who want to be involved, the more difference we can make and the more we can demand from the municipality and our politicians and together ensure that we all live up to the ambitious climate goals set for our city. Helsingborg's climate agreement is thus a way for us residents to show that we are a large mass that wants to see the goals that have been set met.

Behind the pledge, there is an association of volunteers who constantly act as a blowtorch and ensure that those in power live up to their ambitions, and give everyone who has signed a community to exchange ideas and be inspired by each other.

Is the Helsingborg Climate Pledge linked to the municipality's climate pledge for associations and companies?

No, it is an independent citizens' initiative that was started at about the same time as the associations' and companies' climate pledges. We have some collaboration with the municipality, but the climate pledges are independent of each other.

If you run an association or company that has signed the Climate Pledge for Associations and Companies, a tip is to share the Helsingborg Climate Pledge with your members or employees. We are happy to come out and lecture and tell you more about the initiative and the importance and power of everyone taking their steps towards a more sustainable way of living.

Who is behind and is running the climate pledge?

Everyone who has signed the Helsingborg Citizens' Climate Pledge is behind our initiative. There are currently 500+ residents who are 16+ years old, with all areas and backgrounds represented.

There is also an association for the Helsingborg Climate Pledge that is responsible for the climate pledge growth and value-creation.